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Subscription Plans

Embark on a delightful beer discovery journey with our carefully curated subscription plans. Whether you choose our 6-pack, 12-pack or 16-pack option, each box is packed by you from a monthly selection of unique craft beers from Rhode Island's finest breweries.

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Experience more with BrewBox

Exclusive Events

Enjoy invitations to special events, including meet the brewer sessions, tasting events, brewery tours, beer and food pairing nights, or exclusive release parties.

Limited Edition Beer

Be among the first to savor rare and limited-edition releases.

Detailed Tasting Notes

Enhance your tasting experience with detailed notes covering the style, flavors, characteristics, ingredients, and brewing techniques unique to each beer.

Brewery Profiles

Learn about the fascinating stories and backgrounds of the breweries behind each craft beer.

Food Pairing Suggestions

Elevate your enjoyment with expertly curated food pairing recommendations.

Discounts on Brewery Visits

Unlock special discounts when visiting breweries within our network.

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